How to Learn to Cook for Beginners

Cooking times may vary depending on the manufacturer, so be sure to refer to your device’s instructions. In general, you’ll want to use 1 ½ cups water for every 1 cup of rice. Melanie Fincher is a Birmingham, Alabama–based food writer who covers everything from cooking techniques to gadget reviews. She has nearly 7 years experience writing news and lifestyle content.

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Roast until the skin is a light golden color, then cover the breast loosely with a foil tent to prevent further browning. During the last 45 minutes of roasting, remove the foil tent to brown the skin. Basting is not necessary, but does help promote even browning. Are you content with salt, pepper and sour cream? Do you load up your baked potato with chives and bacon?

How to Cook Jasmine Rice in the Rice Cooker

An acorn squash is easy to recognize by its shape, which is ridged and squat like an acorn. But unlike the brown nuts that fall from oak trees, acorn squashes are typically dark green on the outside and pale yellow on the inside. The length of time for cooking barley depends on the type you’re using.

Typically, it will start to form a gelled skin on top, indicating it’s going to set up.If the chilled jam still seems watery or syrupy, it needs more time to cook. To start, toss your fruit in sugar and let it sit at least 20 minutes before cooking it and up to overnight.

Cook until water is reduced by about 3/4, and fruit is soft and tender , 20 to 30 minutes. Add the vinegar to the tomatoes, and bring to a strong simmer over medium heat until the skins burst and the juices start to boil, about 10 minutes. Add in any of the optional ingredients , if using. My jam won’t set.If you’ve been cooking your jam for the amount of time required and it’s still not setting, cook it a few minutes longer to evaporate some more of the water in the fruit. Using clean tongs, remove the jars from the water and place them to dry upside-down on a clean wire rack, or right-side-up on a clean kitchen towel laid over a baking sheet.

This allows you to learn about specific topics related to cooking, which you can do at your own pace. Udemy allows students to choose the specific cooking classes they’re interested in at affordable prices, with most popular courses costing less than $50.

Bean Soups and Stews

You’ve soaked your beans and they’re ready for some heat. Simmering them on the stove is the time-honored method, and we’ll tell you how to do it. But you can also cook them in a slow cooker or a pressure cooker — whatever you prefer. Soaking your beans helps them cook faster and more evenly, and it can also make them easier to digest. If you add salt to the soaking water , your beans will cook even faster; the salt helps break down their skins.